ROC your Water

BWT bestaqua 14 ROC was designed for tough applications in the foodservice sector. It is ideal for producing pure water, such as that needed to produce steam for combination steamers or steam ovens, for a steam feed when baking or for spot-free dish and glass washing.  It enables all unwanted substances to be removed from the water effortlessly, allowing the water to vaporise entirely without residues. Critical components remain free from water-induced scale, and the risk of chloride-induced corrosion to stainless steel parts can be minimised.

Guests have high expectations. Restaurateurs can only comprehensively satisfy their needs in a perfect ambience. And however simple it may sound, guest satisfaction has a lot to do with perfecting the “basics”, such as the washing of dishes and cutlery. BWT bestaqua 14 ROC is one of the best devices for water optimisation, enabling everything that comes to the table to appear in perfect condition. Its pure water prevents marks from drying on and stops smearing. For consistently flawless crockery, brilliant glasses and sparkling cutlery, along with your guests likewise gleaming in satisfaction. And, by the way, it can also save you a lot on cleaning products and on polishing glasses and cutlery by hand.

In short, water optimisation using the BWT bestaqua 14 ROC is the best preventative care that can be given to equipment in the foodservice sector. And the best side-effect of this for users? Less expenditure on cleaning, low downtimes, and enormous potential savings on maintenance and repair. The bestaqua 14 ROC is Bluetooth app-driven so parameters such as flow volume and TDS can be checked. BWT Australia provides technical support including installation schematics and technical videos.

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