BWT International

A corporate success story

From its beginnings as a small company in Pforzheim, Germany right through to today’s large corporate Group, BWT has always been shaped by a unique spirit of entrepreneurship and research and a devoted drive to innovate and succeed.

The roots of BWT can be traced back to the year 1823 when Johann Adam Benckiser founded a small chemical factory in Germany bearing his family name. Fast-forward then to 1990, when Andreas Weißenbacher laid the foundation stone for today’s BWT. He transformed “Benckiser Wasser Technik“ into “BWT“, marking the beginning of a long-standing success story. While BWT was initially headquartered in Hallein, Austria, two years later the young company relocated to the Austrian town of Mondsee.

Our technical expertise in all areas of water purification makes BWT unique. Our in-house research and development departments, and the expansion of production facilities throughout Europe, have contributed significantly to the progress we have made, with our sights permanently set on achieving maximum safety, hygiene and health in our daily contact with water, the elixir of life.

Growth in all Areas

One of the engines for growth is innovation. A company that seeks to grow, expand and improve must further develop itself, its products and services on a continuous, pro-active basis, and sometimes think outside the box rather than rely on conventional, tried-and-tested ways. By growth, we also mean geographically: currently, there are more than 80 BWT subsidiaries and affiliated companies worldwide, as well as R&D departments in France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Russia.

For us further, development doesn’t only mean thinking about the far distant future, but also on what’s lies directly ahead. This is why we’re working continuously to improve and optimise our existing processes and procedural workflows, as well as fine-tuning current technologies and products to make them even better.

Throughout this growth process, we remain committed to our obligation of assuming environmental, economic and social responsibility.