Handy BWT Bluetooth Apps

BWT provide a range of mobile apps to optimise your BWT filter experience.

Our BWT besthome app provides a filter change reminder service for the handy BWT filter jugs. Simply register the details required and you will be reminded to replace your jug cartridge on time.

Managing the bestaqua ROC is made easy as the ROC has an app for monitoring key parameters. ROC units are factory set for standard installations. Settings available include service reminders by days or inlet /outlet water volume of prefilters, RO membrane and remineralisation. Other parameters include conductivity measurement, atmospheric or pressure tank installation, tank pressure and hysteresis values. The ROC app is supplied by BWT and downloaded from the handy QR code. The app has a passcode for your protection. The app connects your phone to the ROC via Bluetooth, simply open the app when the ROC is turned on to read all parameters. There are helpful videos on our website ROC / VIDEO product pages. The friendly BWT team is always available to help!