bestmax PREMIUM

best flavour & scale prevention with Magnesium Mg++

BWT bestmax PREMIUM with its AromaPLUS formula, is an innovative filtration system for water optimisation in the food service sector. A ground-breaking innovation, BWT bestmax PREMIUM adds minerals to the water using the flavour carrier Magnesium to achieve the full taste of coffee, tea or cocoa. Mg2+-enriched water can be enjoyed on its own, as it is particle-free and odourless, and its balanced mineral content makes it a pleasant-tasting drink. BWT’s bestmax PREMIUM filter balances the minerals in the water, buffers the pH value and produces a firm espresso crema.

Speak to the BWT team how bestmax PREMIUM can optimise your water and coffee!

Product Guide

Code Model Capacity* H X Dia mm Weight kg Box Qty
FS22P00A00 bestmax PREMIUM S 1,200 310 x 88 0.9 n/a
FS23P01A00 bestmax PREMIUM V 2,700 370 x 115 2.3 8
FS24P00A00 bestmax PREMIUM M 4,200 425 x 125 2.8 6
FS28P00A00 bestmax PREMIUM XL 6,200 450 x 145 4.0 4
FS30P00A00 bestmax PREMIUM 2XL 10,000 520 x 185 7.8 2
*Capacity @ 120ppm H

Specifications & Operating Conditions

  • Materials of construction: Polypropylene Food Grade
  • Temperature range: 4 – 40 deg C (not for use in hot water)
  • Pressure: 100 – 800 kPa
  • Use pressure limiting valve if maximum pressure may be exceeded
  • Flow rate: < 5 lpm
  • Filter cartridge change out frequency: On capacity or 12 months max
  • Inlet / Outlet: 3/8″ bspm

Parts & Accessories

  • Filter Head:  Code FSOOY9OAOO   One head fits all ctgs.
  • Flush valve: Code FSOOY51AOO   fit on outlet of head
  • Aquameter: Code FSOOY036AOO  Volumetric counter
  • Water hardness test kit: Code YSOOYO1AOO

Bestmax PREMIUM video