PSJ Prefilter Systems

The PSJ Prefilter Systems from BWT are designed to filter water prior to reverse osmosis systems or as a stand alone filter system. PSJ Systems utilize high capacity jumbo filter housings in 1 high 10” and 2 high 20” sizes. Inlet and Outlet connections are 3/4” bspm for easy connection to existing pipework or braided SS hoses. Twin systems are also available for extra high capacity applications.
Housings feature a vent valve, to assist in air bleeding and a downstream pressure gauge to measure water pressure and filter life (when on demand). The high capacity Fibron® dual purpose filter cartridge is provided with every system. The Fibron® filter cartridge reduces sediment, chlorine, taste & odour from the mains water giving protection to the ultra fine reverse osmosis membranes.

A mounting bracket and handy housing sump spanner are also included with the PSJ system.

Product Guide

PSJ100 1 high single system c/w FB5W 480 x 220
PSJ200 2 high single system c/w FB5W20 720 x 220
PSJ300 Twin system 1 high PS5W + FB5W
PSJ400 Twin 2 high system c/w PS20W20 + FB5W20
FB5W Fibron Carbon Block filter 5 micron 1 high
PS20W Polyspun Sediment filter cartridge 20 micron 1 high
FB5W20 Fibron Carbon Block filter 5 micron 2 high
PS20W20 Polyspun Sediment filter cartridge 20 micron 2 high


Micron Rating: 5 micron nominal

Flow rate: < 30 lpm

Water Pressure range: 100 – 860 kPa ( if > 86o kPa use pressure limiting valve )

Temperature range: 5 – 40 degrees C ( protect from UV and freezing )

Capacity: change out every 12 months or when outlet pressure gauge reads < 50 kPa when on demandSpecifi