FB and Specialty Carbon filters

High performance carbon cartridge

The preferred filter cartridge for challenging commercial applications; the FB range offers high chlorine / organic reduction to remove offensive taste and odours combined with superior capacity sediment removal. The FB  fibrous carbon block filter cartridge provides the longest life with low pressure drops.

Available in 1 and 2 high in standard and jumbo diameter

The CP carbon filter is a pleated carbon filter designed for low pressure low solids applications – speak to BWT regarding suitable applications for the CP range.


Product Guide

FB5 Fibrous carbon block 5 micron 5 63 mm x 250 mm 37,800 litres @3.8 lpm
FB5-2 Fibrous carbon block 5 micron 2 high 5 73 mm x 508 mm 75,700 litres @ 7.6 lpm
FB5W Fibrous carbon block 5 micron jumbo 5 118 mm x 248mm 94,000 litres @ 7.6 lpm
FBW20 Fibrous carbon block 5 micron 2 high jumbo 5 118mm x 508mm 189,000 litres @ 15 lpm
CP10 Pleated high flow carbon filter 10 64mm x 250mm 850 litres @ 3.8 lpm

Specifications and Operating Conditions

Materials of construction: Food grade activated carbon, plastics, binders

Temperature range:  4 – 40 deg C ( not for use in hot water )

Flow rates: 1 high std. < 10 lpm    2 high and jumbo. < 20 lpm

CP10 flow rate: < 20 lpm

Filter cartridge changeout: On capacity or 12 months max.