OSMO Reverse Osmosis for La Marzocco Coffee Machines

Compact high capacity pumped RO

Developed in collaboration with BWT water + more, La Marzocco’s Reverse Osmosis is a 3-stage treatment system that produces water of the best quality, regardless of the local water quality, in order to brew superior espresso and keep equipment in perfect working conditions.

In addition to the reverse osmosis unit an activated carbon prefilter stops chlorine/disinfectants and impurities; the reverse osmosis removes all minerals and contaminants followed by a remineralization cartridge which adds the right minerals for a superior brew and to prevent corrosion.

Product Guide

Code Model Production RO membrane modules
RS72M01A00 OSMO 60 60 lph 2
RS73M01A00 OSMO 120 120 lph 4

Specifications & Operating Conditions

  • TDS rejection rate: 95% +
  • Temperature range:  Cold water feed only
  • Electrical connection / fuse    V/Hz/A:  230/ 50 / 10
  • Dimensions and weight:  ( W x D x L mm   kg )
  • OSMO 60  230 x 250 x 380     17
  • OSMO 120  230 x 335 x 380      21

Parts & Accessories

  • Consult WFS for listing of all parts and accessories