WSP systems

The PCH WSP systems are a complete, economical water filter system utilizing permanent filter housings with replaceable filter cartridge/s.
The systems have good capacity and provide total protection and performance.All plumbing fittings are supplied including a dedicated drinking water tap. Clean, great tasting water can be enjoyed from your own water supply all year round!

Product Guide

Code Micron Rating Dimensions Flow Rate
WSP1000 1 320mm x 150mm < 5 lpm
WSP2000 1 320mm x 250mm < 5 lpm

Specifications & Operating Conditions

  • Materials of construction: Polypropylene and food safe metal plumbing fittings
  • Temperature range: 4 – 400C (not for use in hot water)
  • Pressure: 50 – 860 kPa
  • Use pressure limiting valve if maximum pressure may be exceeded
  • Flow rate: < 51pm
  • Filter cartridge change out frequency: 12 months max
  • Length: Head and cartridge 350mm
  • Diameter: 180mm
  • Inlet to filter: 1/4″ quick connect tube fitting

Parts & Accessories

  • Sediment Cartridge  PS0510  used in WSP2000
  • Carbon Cartridge CB0110  used in WSP1000 and 2000
  • Spanner –  included in system  SPRF2.5