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Welcome to the world of water filtration! Water filters are used in millions of sites worldwide to provide great drinking water and to protect your kitchen equipment.

Water filters are used for drinking water for the reduction of particles and taste & odours from chlorine and organic matter. Filters are also available to remove microorganisms such as giardia and cryptosporidium.

Water filtration provides quality assurance and consistency to meet the demanding needs of the foodservice industry. Filtration equipment will protect equipment such as coffee machines, steamer ovens, dishwashers and ice machines by reducing hardness scale and corrosion causing chlorides.


Reverse osmosis and BWT Magnesium cutting edge technology


Handy BWT Apps

Control your water and filter settings from your phone.


Revolutionary ULTRO

One head, seven filtration options. Australian made with WaterMark Certification

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Innovation by BWT

For decades, we’ve had but one goal in our sights: to improve the quality of people’s lives wherever water is concerned –and to do so with custom-tailored water treatment solutions that deliver water of the highest quality.

We don’t restrict ourselves to standardised, off-the-shelf products, rather we’re the ones who consistently set new standards in water technology. In keeping with our philosophy of “Feel –taste –see the difference”, we offer our customers products with real innovations, such as drinking water with extra enjoyment or recipe quality water in perfect form as an essential ingredient of beverages and to protect equipment.

Water technologies

Technological edge can only be gained by innovative thinking and action. With 8 manufacturing sites and over 5,000 employees BWT is Europe’s largest water technology organisation. We continuously research all areas of water treatment at our BWT Innovation Centres, working ceaselessly for you to improve the processes for filtration.

We improve filter media, ion exchange systems for demineralisation, softening, decarbonisation, membrane technologies (micro, ultra and nanofiltration and reverse osmosis). We ensure water of the perfect quality for your application is readily available –right at the point of entry or use where it’s needed.

Recent News

  • BWT Aston Martin Team

New Aston Martin F1 team

BWT is now a Global Partner of the new Aston Martin racing team. Champion driver Sebastian Vettel will wear a pink BWT helmet in the new Aston Martin F1 car.


As a leading worldwide manufacturer, BWT is a major supporter of our industry sectors so you will see BWT products being exhibited at leading trade shows in Europe, Asia and Australia.


We love training! With personal training and support from us, the use of BWT products in your application is fully optimised.