Project Description

bestaqua 14 ROC


Compact high capacity pumped RO

The revolutionary designed bestaqua 14 ROC system is the reverse osmosis solution for your foodservice equipment water treatment. The ROC with internal pump is suited to applications including water dispensers, coffee machines and small steamer ovens.


The compact ROC system is a typically supplied as multi-stage treatment process:

  1. Pre-filtration with a fibron carbon filter to remove sediment and chlorine.
  2. bestaqua 14 ROC Reverse Osmosis system  to reduce all dissolved solids including salt and hardness ions.
  3. Storage tank.
  4. (optional stage) Remineralisation to add minerals for full coffee flavour.


  • TDS rejection rate: 95% +
  • Temperature range:  Cold water feed only
  • Electrical connection / fuse – 230V / 50Hz / 10A
  • Dimensions:(mm) W 150 / L 250 / H 500
  • Weight: 13kg

Training Videos

14ROC – Requirements and App Install
14ROC – Service Reset
Setup Pre-filter in App
Setup Pre-filter & Storage Tank in App
Setup Complete System in App

Product Models & Details

BA14S-30BA14ROC120 lphROC + Prefilter + tank +remin
BA14L-30BA14ROC120 lphROC + prefilter + tank
RS81M01A00BA14ROC120 lphBA 14 ROC only
RS00Y61A00BA14ROC-ROM120 lphBA 14 ROC RO membrane