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bestaqua 14 / 16 ROC


Compact high capacity pumped RO

The revolutionary designed bestaqua 14 & 16 ROC systems are the reverse osmosis solution for your foodservice equipment water treatment. The ROC with internal pump is suited to applications including water dispensers, coffee machines , steamer ovens and dishwashers.  The 14ROC  has a production rate of 120 lph suitable for medium size applications. The larger 16 ROC has a production rate of 160 lph for larger size applications. Ask the BWT team for sizing and application recommendations.


The compact ROC system is a typically supplied as multi-stage treatment process:

  1. Pre-filtration with a fibron carbon filter to remove sediment and chlorine.
  2. bestaqua 14/16 ROC Reverse Osmosis system  to reduce all dissolved solids including salt and hardness ions.
  3. Storage tank.
  4. (optional stage) Remineralisation to add minerals for full coffee flavour.


  • TDS rejection rate: 95% +
  • Temperature range:  Cold water feed only
  • Electrical connection / fuse – 230V / 50Hz / 10A
  • Dimensions:
  • 14ROC (mm) W 150 / L 250 / H 500
  • 16ROC (mm) W 150 / L 320 / H 540
  • Weight:  14ROC  13kg    16ROC  17 kg
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Training Videos

14ROC – Requirements and App Install
14ROC – Service Reset
Setup Pre-filter in App
Setup Pre-filter & Storage Tank in App
Setup Complete System in App

Product Models & Details

BA14L-30BA14ROC120 lphROC + prefilter + tank
BA14S-30BA14ROC120 lphROC + Prefilter + tank +remin
RS00Y61A00BA14ROC-ROM120 lphBA 14ROC RO membrane
RS81M01A00BA14ROC120 lphBA 14ROC only
RS83M01A00BA16ROC160 lphBA 16ROC only