Caravan Equipment

Great water on the move

How good is that cuppa at the end of the day?

As water quality varies around Australia BWT can ensure your vans drinking water is free of sediment and unpleasant tastes by using an easy to use caravan Entry Filters or Drinking Water system.

Entry Filters – FS1000RV + FS2000RV; fit outside your van and are used to filter water from a mains water tap when filling your vans tank or connecting directly to the inlet water line. Entry Filters are available to reduce just sediment or additionally reduce unpleasant taste and odour. Entry systems come complete with hose and fittings to make connection easy.

Drinking Water System – SL1000RV; is installed in the cupboard space under the vans sink. The SL1000RV utilises an easy to change filter which reduces sediment, taste & odour and parasitic cysts. All fittings required are supplied including a filtered water tap.