Point of entry FS1000/2000

Filter all your van water

The FS1000RV and FS2000RV point of use filter systems are designed to be used externally to filter water to the caravan mains or tank. The FS1000RV includes a Sediment reduction filter cartridge. The twin FS2000RV includes  Sediment and Taste Odour reduction cartridges. All systems have a mounting bracket, sump spanner, hose connections and 1 meter inlet hose connector.

Specifications & Operating Conditions

  • Materials of construction: Food Grade plastics and media
  • Temperature range: 4 – 40 deg C (not for use in hot water)
  • Pressure: 50 – 860 kPa
  • Flow rate: < 10  lpm
  • Filter cartridge change out frequency: 12 months max
  • Inlet to filter: Quick Connect hose fittings

Parts & Accessories

  • PS5 sediment cartridge
  • CB5 chlorine taste odour cartridge
  • SPRF2.5  housing spanner

Product Models & Details

CodeDescriptionDimensions (mm)Cartridges
FS1000RVSingle Filter systemW 120 L 280PS5 Sediment
FS2000RVTwin Filter systemW 280 L 280PS5 Sediment & CB5 Taste Odour