RO300 Reverse osmosis system

Compact line pressure RO

The RO300 is designed for domestic and small volume commercial water applications. Economic and easy to use, the RO300 systems feature all tubing assembled into a tested manifold assembly. The system uses quick-connect pre and post-filter cartridges, a reverse osmosis membrane and teams up with a suitable tank.


  • Minimum incoming water pressure should be 400kPa – use booster pump or contact BWT Australia if low pressure exists
  • Prefilters should be changed on scheduled basis
  • RO Membrane should be changed on TDS rejection performance
  • Production rate: 10 lph
  • Filter cartridge change out frequency: 12 months max
  • Inlet to filter: 1/4″ quick connect tube fitting

Product Models & Details

CodeProduction rateTankRemin
RO30010 lph14 litreoptional