EFS systems

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The EFS water filter systems are the perfect water appliance for your home or office. These system provides clean great tasting water from a stylish dedicated tap and saves you $$$ by replacing bottled water! 3 models are available: the EFS1000 is a single economical system for small family use. The EFS2000 is a twin system featuring a prefilter and final filter configuration and is recommended for home use for families when filtered water is used daily or high sediment is present in the mains water. The EFS3000 is a triple system featuring 2 prefilters and final filter configuration for additional filtration and capacity.


  • Materials of construction: Food grade plastics & media.
  • Temp. range: 4 – 30 deg C ( not for use in hot water)
  • Pressure: 200 – 860 kPa
  • Use pressure limiting valve if maximum pressure may be exceeded
  • Flow rate: < 5 lpm
  • Filter cartridge change out frequency: When capacity reached or 12 months max
  • Inlet/Outlet : 1/4″ nptf or Quick Connect 1/4″
  • NOTE: Fluoride Reduction cartridge QC1644 may only be used as replacement for 1st Stage of EFS2000 twin system or 2nd stage of the EFS3000 triple system.

Product Models & Details

CodeDescriptionRatingDimensions W x H (mm)
EFS1000Single EFS systemFine110 x 380
QC1534Cartridge for EFS1000Fine65 x 315
EFS2000Twin EFS SystemFine180 x 380
QC1124Prefilter Ctg No 1 for EFS2000Medium65 x 315
QC1534Postfilter Ctg No 2 for EFS2000Fine65 x 315
EFS3000Triple EFS SystemFine270 x 380
QC1124Prefilter Ctg No 1 for EFS3000Medium65 x 315
QC1444Prefilter Ctg No 2 for EFS3000Medium65 x 315
QC1534Postfilter Ctg No 3 for EFS3000Fine65 x 315
QC1644Fluoride reduction Ctg - optionMedium65 x 315