Storage tanks

RO Water Storage Tanks

Manufactured by one of the world’s largest pressure tank manufacturers the range of tanks from BWT Australia will have a size for your application.

Most Reverse Osmosis applications will benefit from a storage tank. These hydro pneumatic tanks have an air precharge which ensures product water is delivered under pressure with a stable, constant flow. All tanks use stainless steel connections to avoid leaching concerns. The possibility of bad odours from the flexible diaphragm is eliminated as the food-safe materials used are post cured. Tanks are pre-charged with air so just connect and use ( first flush one full tank ) The exterior surface has a tough baked enamel finish and a stand is provided for use. Some tanks may be used in vertical or horizontal position.


  • Food Safe materials and CE marked for quality and reliability
  • Range of sizes/volume to suit your application
  • Use in vertical or horizontal position to fit under counter/compact spaces.
  • Precharged with air – connect and use
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 100 psi – 700 kPa
  • Drawdown: Approx. volume of water from a full tank
  • Tank Precharge: 7 psi – 50 kPa Do not increase air precharge pressure

Product Models & Details

CodeTank volumeDrawdownConnectionDimensions H x W (mm)Weight (kg)
RO-TANK1208 litres6 litres¼”
317 x 2002.2
RO-TANK12212 litres9 litres¼”365 x 2452.8
RO-TANK13218 litres14 litres¼”350 x 2804.3
RO-TANK15221 litres17 litres¼”408 x 2904.9
RO-TANK19235 litres26 litres¼”540 x 3207.1
RO-TANK107060 litres48 litres1"575 x 39012.3