3 Stage UV Filter System turns your mains or tank water
into clean, safe potable water

Designed to handle flow rates for entire house and light commercial applications, the BWT Multistage UV20 reduces sediment, particulate matter, bad taste/odours and kills 99.99% of bacteria, giardia cysts and cryptosporidium.

Harnessing the power of ultraviolet light, this unit acts as a natural and chemical free solution to disinfecting mains water and provides an enhanced water experience.

  • Sediment, activated carbon and ultraviolet disinfection solution
  • Supplied on a manifold bracket
  • WaterMark certified for assurance of quality
  • Quality design and materials of construction for performance and longevity
  • BWT controller monitors lamp life with a countdown timer. A handy 2 stage alarm provides a call to action
  • Lockable cover protects controller and lamp replacement cap


  • Connection: 1”bspf(inlet) 1”bspm(outlet)
  • Water Pressure: 300kPa min – 860 kPa max
  • Water Temperature: 4 deg C – 40 deg C (Protection from freezing)
  • Flow rate: < 70lpm(30mJ/cm2)
  • Dimensions: 720L x 806H x 206D Macmasters Beach
Available Direct from Reece

Training Videos

UV20 – Unpacking and Overview
UV20 – Installation and Commissioning
UV20 – Yearly Service Procedure

Product Models & Details

BWT UV20BWT UV20 - Multistage UV Filter System
PL10W201Pleated sediment cartridge
CP10W202Carbon cartridge
UV20 LP563Replacement UV lamp for UV20
UV20 QS13Replacement quartz sleeve for UV20