Project Description

Whole house systems

For all your household water

Perfect for households wanting to filter all the water being used in the home. The system can be used on mains treated water or pumped rainwater. Great quality filtered water is available for bathing, laundry, cleaning and drinking.  Additionally, the whole house filter systems protects your household taps and appliances from silt and grit.

The standard twin whole house system is suitable for small family households. The Jumbo twin whole house system is recommended for larger family households or areas of poor water quality. Systems are assembled on a bracket and are complete with filter cartridges installed and a housing spanner

BWT Australia recommends that any system installed outside and exposed to outdoor environs be suitably covered.


  • Materials of construction: Food safe metal and plastic plumbing fittings and media
  • Temperature range: 4 – 40 deg C (not for use in hot water)
  • Pressure: 50 – 860 kPa
  • Use pressure limiting valve if maximum pressure may be exceeded
  • Flow rate: < 20 lpm – standard   < 30 lpm – jumbo
  • Filter cartridge change out frequency: 12 months max
  • Inlet/Outlet:  Standard 3/4″ bspf     Jumbo 1″ bspf

Parts & Accessories

  • PS50-2:  Sediment ctg for WOH200
  • GC2000: Chlorine taste odour ctg for WOH200
  • SPRF2.5: Spanner for WOH200
  • PS20W20: Sediment ctg for JB200
  • CB10W20 : Chlorine taste odour ctg for JB200
  • SPRF4.5: Jumbo spanner for JB200

Product Guide & Details

WOH2 Whole House twin standard Standard123
PS50-2 Sediment pre filter cartridge for WOH2 Sediment123
GC2000 Taste Odour post filter cartridge for WOH2 Chlorine Taste 123
JB200 Whole House twin Jumbo High Capacity 123
PS20W20Sediment pre filter cartridge for JB200 sediment
CB10W20Taste Odour post filter cartridge for JB200 Chlorine Taste